M-STAR software

M-STAR software

M-STAR CFD is a cutting-edge multi-physics modeling package used to simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, species transport, chemical reactions, particle transport and rigid-body dynamics. Harnessing the power of Lattice Boltzmann Model, M-STAR provides rapid, accurate, and user-friendly simulations that will streamline your engineering processes and optimize your designs.

Unparalleled Speed and Accuracy

M-STAR utilizes GPU technology to run complex simulations in mere minutes. Leveraging advanced computational algorithms and GPU accelerators like Nvidia’s 2060, V100, and A100, M-STAR delivers an unmatched rate of simulated runtime. For instance, a standard Rushton agitator case with eight million fluid cells can capture one minute of simulated runtime in just 20 minutes of wall time. Scale up to simulations with more than one billion cells by tapping into the power of V100 and A100 GPUs.

User-friendly Interface

Ease of use is a cornerstone of the M-STAR experience. Our intuitive interface allows users to become proficient in just a few hours. M-STAR eliminates volume meshing from the CFD workflow, enabling you to focus on defining physical modeling parameters right away. Import your own CAD files or choose from our extensive library of built-in geometries to jump-start your project. M-STAR is designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned CFD veterans.

Advanced Fluid Motion Modeling

At the heart of M-STAR’s capabilities is the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) algorithm, which accurately models turbulent fluid motion without relying on low-order turbulence models. Our software incorporates a wide range of fluid rheology models, including Newtonian, non-Newtonian, and yield stress rheology models, to accurately simulate the viscosity/strain relationship of your system.

Comprehensive Physics Modeling

M-STAR allows you to add advanced physics modeling to your simulations, such as solid particles, Discrete Element Method (DEM), scalar fields, chemical reactions, and other essential components. Whether your process takes seconds, minutes, or hours of runtime, M-STAR is equipped to handle the complexity and deliver precise, actionable insights.

Geometry and mesh

M-STAR CFD software simplifies the process of geometry definition and management, enabling users to focus on their specific processes and simulation parameters. This is achieved through a user-friendly GUI, an efficient importing system, and automatic mesh generation, all designed to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.

User-friendly GUI for process and simulation parameter definition

M-STAR’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to easily define their specific process and simulation parameters. This simplifies the workflow and enables engineers to concentrate on the crucial aspects of their projects without being overwhelmed by intricate CAD shape healing or meshing complex geometries.

Importing existing geometry

M-STAR supports the import of various file formats, including low-quality or imperfect files (CAD, IGES, STEP, STL). This functionality ensures that users can leverage existing designs without the need to recreate or extensively edit them. The software is equipped to handle imperfections and inconsistencies, streamlining the process of incorporating geometry into the simulation.

Built-in parametric geometries

M-STAR offers a growing catalog of built-in parametric geometries, providing users with a comprehensive selection of pre-defined shapes and forms. This feature allows engineers to quickly and efficiently generate complex geometries without the need for extensive CAD experience.

Dynamic generation of common mixing impellers, tanks, and ASME heads and pipes

M-STAR is equipped with a dynamic geometry generation system that simplifies the creation of common mixing impellers, tanks, ASME heads, and pipes. This feature eliminates the need for manual design and reduces the potential for human error, ensuring that simulations are accurate and reliable.

Automatic lattice mesh generation

Experience unmatched convenience with M-STAR’s automated mesh generation, creating an uniform cartesian mesh over the entire fluid domain in mere seconds, saving time and reducing manual effort while maintaining high-quality simulations.


M-STAR CFD software delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy in fluid dynamics simulations by combining a Lattice Boltzmann CFD solver with high-resolution meshes. This sophisticated fluid model forms the foundation of all M-Star simulations, allowing users to solve a wide array of complex problems with ease and precision.

Advanced non-Newtonian fluids and custom user-defined fluid models

M-STAR offers support for advanced non-Newtonian fluids and provides users with the ability to define custom fluid models. This flexibility enables engineers to accurately simulate real-world scenarios and better understand the behavior of various fluid types under different conditions.

Enriched models with additional physics

In addition to the core fluid dynamics, M-STAR allows users to incorporate additional physics into their models, such as transient chemical reactions and particle motions. This feature enhances the depth and complexity of simulations, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the physical processes at play.

High-detail and accurate results

By utilizing the Lattice Boltzmann CFD solver and high-resolution meshes, M-STAR generates results with incredible detail and accuracy. This allows engineers to make informed decisions based on reliable data, ultimately improving the design and optimization of fluid systems.

M-STAR’s physics model covers a wide range of fluid dynamics phenomena, including free surface flows, two-fluid stratification, residence time distributions, oxygen transfer, droplet dispersion, particle dissolution, reactions, particle size distribution, non-spherical particles, bubbly flows, open systems, particle breakup, complex rheology, blending, particle growth, CFD-DEM, filling/draining, and much more. This extensive coverage ensures accurate and versatile simulations for diverse applications.

Rich analysis

M-STAR CFD software offers a comprehensive integrated post-processing suite, enabling users to analyze data in real-time as it’s generated by the solver. This powerful feature streamlines the analysis process and delivers valuable insights to engineers.

Integrated calculation of common items

M-STAR allows users to calculate common metrics such as power number, residence time, and blend time directly within the platform. This integrated approach eliminates the need to switch between different software, simplifying the overall workflow.

Compatibility with common output data formats

M-STAR supports output data in formats compatible with most post-processing tools, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows and facilitating data sharing among team members and collaborators.

Photorealistic renderings backed by high-fidelity numerical solutions

The post-processing suite in M-STAR also includes the ability to create photorealistic renderings of simulations. These visually stunning images are supported by high-fidelity numerical solutions, providing both aesthetic appeal and accurate data representation

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